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About The Social


The origins of The Social


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The foundation of The Social stems from experiences in planning and managing the world's largest social entrepreneurship competition. While producing events in countries such as Japan, China, Malaysia, the United States, and the United Kingdom, We gained expertise in areas such as planning, marketing, and operations. Through these experiences, We had the opportunity to connect with over 10,000 students, companies, judges, mentors, and more from Japan and around the world. Many of the students we spent time with have since launched entrepreneurial ventures and are active in Japan and globally. Following their entrepreneurial journeys, we encountered numerous requests for assistance, such as lacking operational skills, seeking marketing support, or facing financial constraints. As time passed, the desire to support their needs grew stronger, leading to the establishment of The Social—a company dedicated to supporting individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

The Social originated from the voices of students.

The philosophy of The Social



Expanding Access to Education: Through online learning, we aim to support the growth of individuals, groups, and companies.
Driving Digital Transformation: We provide digital marketing support services to enhance the competitiveness of our clients' businesses.
Striving towards the establishment of a sustainable society, The Social is committed to delivering inclusive education and digital marketing support aligned with global standards. Our vision extends to creating opportunities for 30,000 employees by the year 2030, fostering shared growth with the community.


"Work Hard, Play Hard" – Strive diligently in work, and enjoy leisure with equal enthusiasm. We are committed to earnestly addressing our customers' needs and consistently providing services that meet their satisfaction. We believe in giving 99% effort is not enough; failure is not an option when we aim to exert 100% effort. To ensure we always bring our full potential, we understand the importance of unwinding and fully embracing leisure during our moments of play.

Work Practice

Team member introduction

Member’s Profile

Until 2020, Hiro served as the Regional Director at the Hult Prize Foundation, overseeing the planning and execution of social entrepreneurship competitions both internationally and in Japan. Subsequently, He pursued graduate studies in the United States. Currently, at The Social, He is involved in operating programs to support social entrepreneurs, managing an online learning platform, and providing digital marketing and creative production services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

“Creating the World's Most Unconventional Team and the World's Most Unconventional Company. ”



During my student years, I took on challenges such as volunteering and organizing events. However, within these experiences, I encountered the question of 'Who am I striving for, and for what purpose?' This prompted me to reassess myself. It was then that I discovered The Social and was drawn to its mission of 'Creating an opportunity to take action.' Joining the team, I engage in devising marketing strategies to provide employment opportunities for young people and creating mechanisms that can have an impact on society. Every aspect of my involvement with The Social is new to me, and I recognize that there is much to learn as a leader. However, believing that every experience, including failures, inevitably contributes to personal growth, I aspire to become a leader who can move people's hearts and contribute to changing society through The Social in the future.

“I want to acquire the power to change the world.”

Marketing & Design


Having lacked exceptional skills despite the desire to create something from scratch during my student years, I faced repeated despair in international cooperation, feeling unable to accomplish anything. It was during such times that I encountered The Social. Acknowledging the awareness of lacking "confidence" and "skills," I was moved by The Social's belief that "anyone can grow with the opportunity to challenge themselves." When joining the team, I was welcomed with the words, "Daiki, we want you to create a breakthrough." Carrying those words in my heart, I am committed to continuing the challenge to build a society where everyone can realize their dreams and create truly valuable employment opportunities.

“I want to create a world where no one has to give up on their dreams.”

Content & Technology


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Community partner

Our Partner

University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Social Policy and Practice

The University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2) is one of the 12 schools at the University of Pennsylvania. It is dedicated to advancing social justice through research, education, and practice. SP2 offers graduate-level programs in social work, social policy, nonprofit leadership, and social innovation. The school prepares students to address complex social issues such as poverty, inequality, health disparities, and social justice through interdisciplinary approaches.

Hult International Busienss School

Hult International Business School

Hult International Business School is recognized by three of the most prestigious international accreditation bodies in business education: The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), the Association of MBAs (AMBA), and EQUIS (The European Quality Improvement System). With campuses in global cities such as San Francisco, Boston, London, and Dubai, students have the opportunity to earn an MBA or master's degree in just one year. Additionally, Hult offers dual-degree programs where students can obtain two master's degrees in as little as 18 months by specializing in two disciplines simultaneously.


Lightleaks Inc.

Lightleaks Inc. is a creative studio providing branding support from planning to delivery in Japan and overseas. We support companies with brand creation, product-designing, package-designing, building business strategy, and market analysis. We also expand the business overseas with 3 available languages (English, Japanese, and Korean).

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