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About The Social



We, The Social, operate and manage the brands 'The Academy,' an online learning platform, and 'The Seed,' which supports the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

No matter what the environment,​ a place where everyone can take on the challenge



Online learning platform
The Academy

The Academy

The Academy is an online learning platform popular among individuals in their 20s to 40s. It offers video content ranging from fundamental to professional levels in various fields, accompanied by comprehensive support.
Digital marketing and creative production
The Seed

The Seed

The Seed believes in the transformative power of creativity to impact society and the world. We strive for overwhelming quality and make efforts to maintain an unwavering commitment to excellence. Inspiration lies beyond expectations, and we aim to capture that emotional resonance, supporting the expansion of our clients' products and services.
Next-generation Leader Talk Show Event 

The Stage

The Stage is a talk show that introduces the stories of next-generation leaders actively working to address societal issues. Through participant interaction and the generation of new ideas, the event aims to raise awareness about societal matters and instigate positive change.
In addition to information on the online learning platform "The Academy" and DX support for small and medium-sized enterprises "The Seed," you may also be able to get great deals only available on LINE!
You too! Become a member of The Social and the team that creates "a place where everyone can take on challenges"! !
“Startbook for Event Planners” is a guide for event planning beginners.This is a PDF version of the document (approximately 85 pages).We have summarized the process from event planning to execution in an easy-to-understand manner!
Achievements of The Social


Over 5 years of experience in nurturing and supporting students and entrepreneurs in Japan and worldwide. 

+5 years

Secured sponsorship agreements totaling 50 million yen from listed Japanese companies to organize events attracting students from around the world.

+50 million

Providing an opportunity for more than 7,500 Japanese students to submit and present social business ideas focused on SDGs.

+2500 ideas

Conducted training sessions for aspiring entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

+800 hours

Organized events and workshops across Japan in collaboration with mentors and experts.

+700 events

Coming soon

+And more

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You can receive not only information about the online learning platform 'The Academy' and support for DX in small and medium-sized enterprises through 'The Seed,' but also special deals available only through LINE! Join us now and become a part of the team creating 'The Social,' a place where everyone can challenge themselves
Announcements & Blog written in Japanese

News & Blog

The Social
The Academy
20代から40代の方々向けのオンライン学習プラットフォーム「The Academy」をスタートしました!
The Stage
The Seed
感動を生み出すクリエイティブ制作サービス「The Seed」をスタートしました!

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