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Welcome to the talk show featuring passionate young leaders dedicated to solving social issues

The Stage is a talk show focused on the next-generation leaders tackling social issues. We capture their activities, failures, and moments of success from a unique perspective. Through their stories, we aim to change awareness of social issues and make an impact at local, national, and global levels. Through our events, we create an intersection where all participants, including attendees, volunteers, and event organizers, can engage in dialogue and networking, providing opportunities to encounter their untapped potential.

What is The Stage?


Taking the stage are active social entrepreneurs. Learn about the real-world situations and challenges they address in tackling social issues. Don't miss out on the invaluable insights from those at the forefront.

Real talk

At the forefront of tackling social issues. Get ready for real, authentic conversations.

With limited seating, we facilitate in-depth discussions that allow for meaningful connections not only with our featured speakers but also among event participants. Join us to forge new connections and engage in rich dialogue.

Join our intimate, participatory events with limited seating. Enjoy a rich and immersive experience.

At The Stage, you'll meet young leaders with innovative ideas poised to make a difference in society. With close interaction between participants and speakers, their thoughts and actions can become your role models

Encounter role models who can change your life

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How to Join

Click on the 'Register' button on the website to access Peatix.


Click on the registration button



Purchase tickets on Peatix's special event page.

Purchase tickets on the special event page



You will receive detailed information and the Zoom link to the email address you provided by the day before the event

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Access the zoom link and join the event.

Event participation



Join us at the forefront of solving societal challenges. Next, it could be your turn. Won't you join us in changing Japan, and the world, together?

Talk Show Featuring Next Generation Leaders Addressing Social Issues
Voice of participants


University student participants

Throughout the entire event, I not only made many discoveries but also truly enjoyed myself. Even though I am interested in social issues, it can be difficult to take action. The message from one of the speakers towards the end of the event gave me courage.

Voice from studetnts

Working Professional participants

This event was my first experience that made me feel like, 'I want to contribute something too!' The facilitation by the organizers was excellent, allowing for a variety of opinions to be exchanged during the discussions. It was both enjoyable and educational, making it a fantastic experience.

Past speakers


CEO & Founder at V-cook

Shu Kudo

Born in 1999, this individual has been practicing veganism since high school and is now a vegan entrepreneur. They manage the vegan recipe-sharing website "V-Cook" and are involved in recipe book publishing, product development, marketing support, and more. They serve as the CEO of V-Cook Co., Ltd. and the representative director of the NPO Japan Vegan Community. Their activism aims to create an environment where everyone can choose veganism.
Founder at MENARY

Mai Kishino

Born in Tokyo in 1989, this individual graduated from university and began working at a major domestic hotel in Japan. Afterward, they worked for three years at a foreign company in Singapore. Inspired by the desire to support ethical consumption and women's social empowerment, and to create a sustainable world where people and the planet can coexist, they founded the ethical brand "Menary" in 2021, aiming to achieve these goals through everyday items.
CEO & Founder atWowful

Hiroaki Tsujita

Born in 1993, this individual graduated from the University of Tokyo's Faculty of Economics before obtaining a master's degree in economics with a focus on poverty and population movement research in Southeast Asia. They joined Borderless Japan Inc. in 2019 and founded WaoFull Inc. in 2020. Through WaoFull Inc., they launched "Dream Classroom WOW!", an online tutoring service specializing in supporting children who are not attending school. They aim to create opportunities for children to find joy in life by offering learning experiences tailored to each child's interests and passions, even if traditional schooling does not suit them.

CEO & Founder at Darajapan

Mio Tsunoda

Drawing from personal experiences of overcoming depression and sudden sensorineural hearing loss, this individual has made the pursuit of preventive medicine and health promotion one of their life's missions. From their student days to the present, they have interned in pharmacy and environmental research in 35 countries, including Egypt, the UK, and Tanzania. Inspired by these experiences, they have decided to tackle social issues in Africa. Armed with the ability to engage people, take action, communicate effectively, and devise strategic thought processes, they are dedicated to addressing issues such as human resource development, public health, and environmental concerns in various African countries.

Join us at the forefront of solving societal challenges. Next, it could be your turn. Won't you join us in changing Japan, and the world, together?

Talk Show Featuring Next Generation Leaders Addressing Social Issues

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