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Online learning platform

The Academy

"Addressing the pressing issue of labor shortages through the cultivation of skilled talent."

Japan is projected to face a labor shortage of 6.4 million people by 2030

The labor supply-demand gap

From 2030 onwards, there will be an overwhelming labor shortage.
To improve the labor supply-demand gap, it is essential to enhance the productivity of each individual. Specifically, measures such as increasing the number of senior workers, increasing the participation of women in the workforce, and increasing the number of foreign workers who can adapt to Japan's needs are necessary.
The situation where the number of people entering the workforce is expected to surpass those retiring is likely to persist. If this trend continues, it is projected that the labor supply-demand gap will exceed 500,000 people after 2030.
After 2030, a significant labor shortage is expected to occur. It is anticipated that policies addressing the labor supply-demand gap will become necessary. Particularly in industries such as the service sector and healthcare and welfare, which currently suffer from labor shortages, substantial deficits are forecasted. These sectors are expected to experience continued high demand due to aging demographics and the advancement of service industries, with labor supply growth unable to keep pace.
It is expected that the labor supply-demand gap will continue to widen in the foreseeable future
To solve the labor supply-demand gap
How should individuals, groups, and companies address the labor supply-demand gap issue?

A. We need to develop skilled human resources now.

Furthermore, The Academy endeavors to pioneer sustainable education initiatives.

The mechanism employed by The Academy to achieve sustainable education


A society where the aspirations of individuals to "learn" are supported by the encouragement of others' sentiments.
The Academy is a platform that supports sustainable education. By enrolling in courses, a portion of the tuition fees is allocated through The Academy's micro-donation system to fulfill someone else's desire to learn. This contributes to addressing the issue where individuals may want to learn but are unable to do so due to their circumstances.
New experiential learning where individuals can learn from the basics of various fields.
Enhancing or acquiring practical skills to adapt to the VUCA era is possible. To deepen learning, we consider methods for individuals to output what they have learned in practice, and we also conduct experiential tours.
Digital marketing/creative production

The Seed

"Are you satisfied with the effectiveness of promoting digital marketing initiatives?"

​Case study

Case Study: Small Business Digital Transformation

Beauty Salon A actively utilizes social media platforms to engage with its audience; however, the absence of a website restricts its ability to disseminate information online and accept reservations. Consequently, communication with potential customers and the acquisition of new clientele are constrained.



Beauty salon 

Issue: No homepage

Hospital B faces a challenge due to its inadequate presence in digital marketing and public relations activities. This deficiency can lead to lower levels of awareness compared to rival medical facilities. To address this issue effectively, Hospital B must focus on enhancing the skills of its digital workforce, reassessing its PR strategies, and improving online information dissemination.


Hospitals (including veterinary hospitals)

Challenge: Lack of digital talent and PR

Gym & Chiropractic Clinic D faces a significant challenge due to the shortage of staff with expertise in IT and marketing. This shortage makes it difficult to effectively utilize digital marketing strategies, hindering the facility's ability to differentiate itself in the highly competitive fitness industry. To stand out in this competitive landscape, improving these skills is imperative.


Gym/chiropractic care

Challenge: Lack of IT/marketing skills

In 2030, Japan's labor shortage will reach 6.4 million people.

Issues in promoting digital marketing

There are various factors contributing to the challenges faced in successfully implementing digital marketing initiatives
Let's examine effective approaches to digital marketing initiatives through real-life case studies from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), considering the main challenges highlighted, such as the inability to see or demonstrate tangible results, lack of expertise in digital marketing, and uncertainty about where to begin.
So,what approaches are necessary to achieve high effectiveness in digital transformation?

A. Transformation of customer experience is imperative.

the work
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Next generation leader talk show

The Stage

Talk Show Featuring Next-Generation Leaders Addressing Social Issues
The Stage is a talk show focused on the next-generation leaders tackling social issues. We capture their activities, failures, and moments of success from a unique perspective. Through their stories, we aim to change awareness of social issues and make an impact at local, national, and global levels. Through our events, we create an intersection where all participants, including attendees, volunteers, and event organizers, can engage in dialogue and networking, providing opportunities to encounter their untapped potential.

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