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Privacy Policy

Terms of privacy policy:

The Social Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") has the following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") regarding the handling of customers' personal information etc. obtained in providing our services. Establish.

Article 1 (Personal Information):
We may obtain information such as the following:
・Name, gender, email address, phone number, address, and other personal information related to the customer provided by the customer
・Personal information, etc. of persons in charge provided by corporate business partners
・Personal information, etc. received from a third party when receiving information on job applicants from an agent, etc.
・Personal information provided by employees
・IP addresses, information related to cookies and similar technologies, device IDs, location information, access logs, browsing history, etc. that are automatically obtained when customers use our services or browse our websites. personal information, etc.

Article 2 (Purpose of use of personal information, etc.):
Our company will use the acquired personal information to the extent necessary for the following purposes and will not use it for any other purpose without the customer's consent.
a. Purpose of use of personal information, etc. of customers who use our services
・To provide our services
・To inform you about our services and related services.
・To provide information regarding events, etc. held (sponsored, co-sponsored, or sponsored) by our company.
・For requests for our company's questionnaire surveys, etc., and for the development of better services.
・To analyze or analyze data necessary for improving our services.
・For our company's advertising distribution
・To respond to inquiries, requests for materials, and other requests.
・For other purposes with prior consent
b. Purpose of use of personal information, etc. of customers such as business partners and subcontractors
・For contract management, business negotiations, etc.
・For carrying out work based on a contract, fulfilling the contract, etc.
c. Purpose of use of personal information, etc. of employment applicants to our company
・For conducting recruitment screening
・For providing information and contacting job applicants, etc.
・To carry out other tasks incidental to recruitment activities.
d. Purpose of use of employee personal information, etc.
・For contacting and responding to inquiries regarding employment management of employees (including retirees), various procedures such as personnel-related administrative processing, and other general affairs
・For employee health management and ensuring an appropriate working environment
e. Purpose of use of personal information, etc. automatically acquired by the Company in connection with the use of the Company's services other than those listed above.
・To inform you about our services and related services.
・For requests for our company's questionnaire surveys, etc., and for the development of better services.
・For our company's advertising distribution

Article 3 (Provision of personal information, etc. to third parties):
Our company will not provide personal information, etc. entrusted to us to a third party unless it falls under any of the following or with the consent of the person concerned.
a. When our company entrusts the handling of personal information, etc. to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use stipulated in the preceding article.
b. When our company uses the ad distribution services of ad distribution companies (including the following foreign ad distribution companies), we will deliver advertisements that are more relevant to you to the ad distribution companies. Therefore, when personal information (email address, cookies, etc.) acquired by our company is provided in a hashed format (a process that cannot be returned to the original format).
    * Provision of information regarding foreign advertising distributors
    *Please see the respective links for information on the personal information protection measures of each advertising distribution business and the systems of the relevant foreign country.
    * Meta Platforms, Inc. (Facebook): United States (California)
    * Google LLC: United States (California)

Article 4 (Disclosure of personal information, etc.):
Notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, erasure, suspension of use to third parties, and suspension of provision to third parties regarding retained personal data based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act (hereinafter referred to as "disclosure, etc.") Please contact the contact information specified in this policy for any requests. We will respond without delay after confirming that the request is from the customer. However, if we are not obligated to do so under the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations, we may not disclose your information.

Article 5 (Safety Management Measures):
Our company will take necessary and appropriate safety management measures to manage personal information, such as preventing leakage, loss, or damage. In addition, we will exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over employees and subcontractors (including subcontractors, etc.) who handle personal information, etc. If you would like to know more about security management measures for personal information, etc., please contact us using the contact information specified in this policy.

Article 6 (Use of cookies, etc. and acquisition of usage status/attribute information, etc.):
For the purpose of improving customer convenience, acquiring statistical data, and providing appropriate advertisements, we receive cookies (including similar technologies, hereinafter referred to as "cookies") from advertising distribution service providers commissioned by our company. ), and through cookies we obtain personal information such as your IP address, number of accesses, browser and OS you use, and other devices you use, and link this information with personal information we already have. It may be used in conjunction with it. This may enable us to advertise online to you. Before we use personal information, we will obtain the consent of the person in question and use that information in accordance with this policy. Please note that you can refuse to accept cookies by changing your browser settings, but in that case, you may not be able to use some services. To opt out of advertising services that use cookies posted by advertising distribution service providers outsourced by our company, please complete the procedures on the third party's website.

Article 7 (Contact information):
For inquiries regarding disclosure, correction, deletion, opinions, questions, etc. regarding personal information, etc., or other inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, etc., please contact the following contact information.

[Contact information]
The Social Co., Ltd. Email
*It may take some time for us to respond to your inquiry on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and other days when our company is closed. Thank you for your understanding.

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